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Steinhough Upholstery
Published by Simon Edelstein in Complaints · 12 February 2021
I have recently been following the XXX Complaints Page on Facebook, a page dedicated to people with issue on their Furniture they have had delivered or have been in their house from Zero weeks to 3 years, what gives me the right to comment?

Well my name is Simon Edelstein, I set up a Factory in Stockport with my mother and worked their over
30 years, During that time I learnt to cut, sew, make and recover, infact all aspects of Upholstery, I designed, sofas, and even worked on
the frames, so I can say I have a fair amount of knowledge in Furniture manufacturing.

When placing an order in a big chain, INSPECT INSPECT AND INSPECT again, if there are a couple of issues in
the shop, you can bet yours will too
First, do not Sign as checked, regardless of how much you are pushed and if you have to sign, make sure you
clearly write UNCHECKED and sign that Go over all the seams you can see, do they look stretched, is there
foreign matter poking through as in the title picture of this blog Check your cushions if they are loose, did
you order foam and get Fibre or vice versa?  a common error from some companies Look at the castors,
are they also what you ordered? If your seat cushions come off, what is the lining like is it the same
fabric as the body, if not why, because it saves them money and if they have cheapened where you can see, what do
you think they’ve done, where you can’t, that seam is an accident waiting to happen. Remove any plastic covers,
If you are not happy, don’t take it in, you don’t have to accept it if its not right, if you do let the delivery continue
and they tell you WE will report it and they will send someone out, they may send someone but you bet your life
it will not be that week, that month or even the next 3 months?
Sit on the settee, is it like you ordered, if not write it all down on the delivery note if you are going to let the delivery continue
If you have taken delivery and they have gone and you are not happy and getting no response, make sure you document
everything, Calls, Texts, Emails, Photos, also consider an independent report, NOT ONE OF THEIRS (Not sure they are Independent)
 Keep a file, so you have a hard copy of everything. My company struggled due to these big companies, we could not compete
on price of the imports, but more and more I have gone out to the issues to complete independent reports, to see why these
are Cheaper, A suite is probably the second biggest purchase in your house, please do not Buy Cheap you get what you pay for,
If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to get in touch, If I can stop one person making a mistake then
 I know I am helping!

Manufacturers, Re-upholstery, design and repair specialists
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